Your Company Green Story

When you sponsor a project, your company's green story will be created and showcased on a digital platform called the Greenbook. Using diverse multimedia content – videos, reports, live feeds, games – the Greenbook is a rich media platform with social access for selected employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. You can commission us to bring experts and leaders in environment, human development, and climate science who can add to your existing efforts for an engaging and evolving content base that tells your green story, your chosen way.

Company Greenbook

Each company has their own green story, which is incorporated into the Greenbook. With innovating storytelling, we will appeal to your audiences about your commitment to tackling deforestation and motivate them to start taking action. Through a series of images, text and videos, we will showcase the trees, the farmers who take care of them, reminding you, your employees and your audiences that it is not too late to tackle climate change.

Your Greenbook on your company website

Your company Greenbook will consist of the trees and the location they are planted in, along with your company logo. You can also add in your pictures and text of green stories of your company. We also help you integrate your forest on your website to increase visibility.

Media Services

In case you require increased visibility on either online or offline mediums, we will guide you through green campaigns and curation of posts for social media.