Stakeholder Engagement

Whether it is customers, employees, or partners, you can engage your universe of associates by allotting trees in your company's forest to individuals or organisations, name tagging the tree's geo-location to anyone you want. This sense of ownership can forge deep bonds and spur others to engage in ecologically responsible actions actively. You can deploy several tools to achieve this: Tree planting off-sites, campaigns, competitions, micro-projects; the opportunities are only limited by our imagination.

Gift a Tree

Gifting a tree creates a bond between one another and showcases your commitment to going green. You can gift a tree to anyone through our website with a few simple steps.

Games and Competition

To convey your messages engagingly, we will guide you through fun activities you can conduct, such as games or competitions that foster a community spirit. You can use the 7 Trees For Life website as a medium to interact with your audiences and simultaneously raise awareness on the importance of tackling climate change together.