Our ‘Green Ambassadors’ program not just helps children learn the importance and role of trees in our lives but also offers them an opportunity to make a positive impact. Whether it is your child you want to engage in environmental action or an anonymous school child, the program is designed to create a strong connection between nature and future generations.

After you order a kit, the child will receive the ‘7 Trees Kit.’

It consists of:

  • 7 seed balls of indigenous trees
  • 7 empty pots
  • An educational booklet on the important features of tress in nature and how to grow them

Once the child grows the seed balls into seedlings of 6 months age, the trees will be taken by us and planted to grow a new forest. The child will receive a geo-location of where the trees have been planted and annual updates on the progress of the new forest.

Come let’s start our children on this exciting journey to discover the miracles of nature!

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