Raising Green Ambassadors

Change begins when you start at a young age. 7 Trees For Life believes that educating young minds has the most significant impact on leading a sustainable future. The purpose of the school campaign is to engage children, their families and communities in environmental action, which have a measurable impact that can be seen firsthand.

Schools keen on participating in the campaign can contact 7 Trees For Life, and our team will arrive for an introductory program for their children; it would be preferable if the parents were also present. The program will include an interactive lecture that will provide a brief on the organization and our purpose, followed by a Q&A session that clarifies all doubts.

Every child who wishes to volunteer is provided with a demonstration on planting the seed and is given 7 seed balls and 7 empty pots. Children can take them home, post pictures of the growth of their saplings for their GreenBook and earn points. In case any of their seed-balls do not germinate or die, children will be provided with new seed-balls. After one year, the children bring the plants back to school and are awarded based on how many trees have survived. These plants are then planted on school grounds or other suitable places and geo-tagged to the child who grew them. The children can visit the trees once a year to check on the progress of their forest.

Our vision of the campaign

Motivated with the proper knowledge, children can be great ambassadors of an idea and drive the message to people. Here, children form a personal relationship with their trees, which can be nurtured throughout their lives. To understand our concept and how we intend to initiate meaningful change in children's minds, contact us to know how we can help you achieve our collective goal of tackling climate change.

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