The high-density plantation is a process of planting an excess number of plants, close to one another than the optimal number, to encourage trees to grow in height faster. This allows people to make the best use of the space, growing a mini forest in a small area.

The process, however, is different from the usual plantation method. To create a high-density forest, the land needs to be excavated, filled with a perforated material to ensure that the soil is not compacted. Once the land is excavated, we will plant several plants, such as trees, shrubs, creepers and more. In order to get optimum sunlight, these plants will grow upward much more quickly.

7 Trees For Life has taken up High-Density Plantation projects to make the best out of small spaces. Within one year of these plants being planted, they will grow into a mini forest, making way for flora and fauna. This is one of the most beneficial methods, especially within city limits, where space constraint is a hassle.

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