7 Trees For Life is a people’s movement driven by the realisation that every human needs at least 7 mature trees to have enough oxygen to breathe.

It takes approximately 7 mature trees to make 740 kgs of oxygen. Everyone of us breathing needs those 7 trees to stay alive.

It is time to stop living on borrowed oxygen from trees grown by nature or planted by someone else.

It is time to act, to repay the debt, 7 trees at a time.

Yes, I want to plant my 7 trees!


7 Trees For Life offers customized approaches to citizen and corporate participation across your projects. Please choose the option below that best describes you.


The smallest of changes begins at home. 
Offset your carbon footprint with 7 Trees For Life. You can choose to do this for yourself or your entire family.


Choose to be a part of the change you want to see in the world.
Make a difference by offsetting your carbon footprint and your employees with customised plans for your company. 


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